What is love?

I don't fall in love. I love differently. The word "fall" is meaningless. Perhaps a "coup," to be hit by love, yes. But I'm more generous now. Passion is blind and being blind you only see your own reflection in the eyes of others. Passion creates obstacles and pain that block what love is about. Love opens you up. It's more generous, more fun. It's less dark.

From the late French actress Jeanne Moreau's interview in the New York Times, 2001.

What is love?

I love this woman in a way I can't describe & a feeling of belonging to each other that reaches across all the pain. It's as though we've answered something in each other that was almost forgotten. I look back on that whole ten years in California & I see myself hunting desperately for something I wasn't finding. I know the Work point of view is the only true one. That life is inside. That nothing outside can ever finally answer our yearning. I know that's true but, in some way, finding Jessie has reached something inside me. A part of me feels brand new -- re-awakened.

I know even this will change. There'll be moments of deep regret maybe. But life is a gamble. I felt the weight of that the first time I left home for good. I walked out of that house into the unknown & it scared the shit out of me but the adventure of hitting life straight on was a thrill I'll never forget. I feel that now -- along with the fear. But I see the fear stems from being alone in the world & it has a new meaning for me now. You can be alone in the midst of people or you can be alone & join with the other one's aloneness. There can be a real meeting between two people at the point where they always felt marooned. Right at the edge. And that's how it is with me & her.

The late playwright Sam Shepard on his relationship with actress Jessica Lange.

Sex as Play

We have to start seeing sex more and more as play. The playful element of it is obvious, because nature has always been playful; the economy of nature with respect to sex is extremely wasteful from a pinchpenny utilitarian point of view; nature is profligate in throwing seed around. Of course I don't look upon nature as being utilitarian; I look upon nature as a gas, as a terrific jazz that's going on. Whether it's "successful" or not is completely unimportant.

As expressed by Alan Watts in the January 1972 issue of Playboy.